Visualize IT

Visualize IT Ltd develop innovative photographic visualization applications for e-commerce for a large number of international clients.

Some of Visualize IT’s clients

We use our own technology to produce bespoke visualization applications that enable users, whether consumers or professionals, to decorate and furnish photographs of their rooms  or stock room scenes.

We can now introduce 3D models into photographic images using augmented reality. This enables objects such as kitchen units or furniture to be displayed in the photograph with the ability to be moved and fabrics changed.

We develop applications that are fun to use, employing image analysis to automate many processes. We use our patented vizimat  technology to apply patterned and textured materials such as wallcoverings and flooring, to surfaces with accurate perspective and scale.

A consumers’ purchasing experience is enhanced as they see how decoration, furniture and fittings would transform their homes and surroundings.  This is all done without them leaving the client’s website.