General links
Tool to make animated GIFs to change between two or more pictures take care and watch the file sizes don’t get too big.
Getting Custom links to open in a new tab (hidden link target option)
Increasing image sizes in WordPress galleries
WordPress drop down menus (read section on static top level tabs)
Adding image links / Embedding images from other websites
placing images side by side
Using the Hatch theme
Prevent image EXIF data (camera etc.) displaying? – go to Settings>Media>Metadata
Resizing video from Youtube
Adding a Favicon/Blavitar (note if you are using framed forwarding from your own domain to WordPress then the favicon must be applied via your domain registrar’s control panel (if favicon option is available).
Adding watermarks to images in Photoshop, guide to batch processing
Tips for choosing a domain name
Choosing a domain name further comments
Tips on copy writing for the web

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