Mapper is my product aimed at the professional CAD user. It enables you to simulate a new texture on a scanned photograph or drawing, The user works in a highly interactive environment and with the wide range of innovative tools can rapidly change decisions on fabric design, pattern repeat, pattern scaling and position and perform re-colouring. Recent developments include the ability to work with ‘floating’ textures for wallpaper borders and fashion motifs.

  • Interactive philosophy. Easy to re-map and fine tune the results until they are “just right”
  • Fast, high quality mapping algorithm with optional anti-aliasing.
  • Hi-Resolution image handling, work on one scene for both screen and print destination.
  • Rapid grid creation method with full grid editing and re-definition options.
  • Control of texture pattern includes position, scale and repeat characteristics.
  • Pattern repeat function allows pre-defined or user defined horizontal and vertical drop repeats.
  • Ability to work with object true size for automatic pattern scaling.
  • Novel pattern position/scale/rotate tool allowing pattern to be exactly positioned on an image, or a wallpaper border to be dragged within a room scene.
  • Supports transparency for placement of motifs, rugs, advertising logos etc.
  • Lighting model control, allowing the brightness, shading, shine and highlights to be adjusted to suit the brightness of the original images used.
  • Re-colourise option. Use the mapping engine to perform a colour change only. This is especially useful for knitwear.
  • A 32 bit Windows application, runs in XP, Windows 7 32 and 64 (in compatibility)
  • TWAIN compliant, thus supporting a wide range of image capture hardware.
  • Support for the most popular graphic file formats including Microsoft Windows Bitmap, Aldus TIFF, JPEG, Zsoft PCX, Truevision Targa, PhotoShop (PSD), Silicon Graphics image file, Sun Raster image, Portable Pixmap, Portable Network Graphics.